January 2011
The Itinerary
Culture Shock
Temperature changes in the desert
Best dish
Lamb with local spices
Unforgettable Experience
Driving the quad in the dunes
Place not to be missed
Tozeur, hands down!
What not to leave at home
A hat to protect you from the killer sun!
Experiences to be remembered
Lezard Rouge, train to the phosphate mine
The real meaning of relaxing in the shade overwhelmed by silence
Feeling tiny walking inside the Mides Canyon
Quick stop at Chott el Jerid salty lake
A glimpse of how vast the desert in Tunisia is..
Driving a quad in the desert: definitely a bucket list wish!
Dinner in the tent in Ksar Ghilane: enjoyed great local food despite the chilly temperature
Another exciting activity on this trip: sandboarding!
Let's hope they will take care of these local and unique views..
Locals or tourists enjoying the heat?
Ksar Haddada, abandoned granary also used to film Star Wars
Playing board games in Tozeur