October 2012
The Itinerary
Culture Shock
Complete respect towards the others
Best dish
Meat was wonderful!
Unforgettable Experience
Visiting the onsens (thermal baths)
Place not to be missed
The prehistorical temples
What not to leave at home
The desire of peace and quiet
Experiences to be remembered
Tokyo by night
One of the best sushi dinners I've ever had!
Peace and quiet all over the place
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
These elegant ladies just as shy as they are beautiful
They are so quick up the steps despite the shoes
The perfection of the zen gardens is unbelievable
Samurai from the temple of DAI-ji del di TÅ in Nara
Umeda Sky palace in Osaka
Kaiseki, best dish of raw fish ever!
Bamboo path in Arashiyama
Modern Art Museum in Nagoya