June 2012
The Itinerary
Culture Shock
The complete isolation
Best dish
Whale meat, responsibly fished
Unforgettable Experience
Walking on the iceberg
Place not to be missed
Disco Bay on the west coast of the Country
What not to leave at home
A proper down jacket
Experiences to be remembered
Plum, the most beautiful boat
Bellflowers growing in the cold with their shiny colours
Who's up for a quick walk on the iceberg?
Sissimiut, the 2nd biggest city in Greenland
Only a small fraction of the iceberg is actually visible, the rest is submerged
The beauty of Disco Bay will leave you breathless..
Godhvan and its lovely colours
No matter your point of view, the view is stunning from everywhere!
One of the amazing locations of our lunches with view
Walking next to a cotton field, so peaceful!
The spooky landslide that arrived just after we passed that side of the coast
We said goodbye hoping to be able to enjoy these beauties in 20 years time...